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Scruffy was my aunt's dog. Black and white, except the white bits were never white, he always looked messy, with lots of hair and bits of dinner stuck to his whiskers. He had loads of adventures but only the first story was published because it was very very special.




Artwok produced by talented schoolchildren has been used in a book inspired by a scruffy dog. Youngsters across Somerset entered a competition to design the pictures for the book, Scruffy, which tells the tale of an abndoned puppy.
Begun as a charity project to raised money for the RSPCA in Bristol this magical book is busily flying across the borders of Somerset to delight animal lovers and young readers everywhere.  Recently we were sent a icture of someone reading Scruffy in Canada.

“Have just got the Scruffy books and they are lovely.  How great for the children whose fantastic work has been included.  Whatever else they do, or don’t do, in their lives, this will always be something they can be proud of!”

Ann Rodwell of Sussex

“Incendentally, my wife has read your book and tells me that it is wonderful, so we shall read it to our grandchildren when next they come to visit us.  It does look a beautiful book and wonderfully illustrated too.”

Mike Campbell from Spain

READ NOW -  Click here to read the opening chapters of, Scruffy.

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