The Children of Zeus

Known as swan-people because of their ability to shape-shift not only into the swanlike form of the carinatae, but also the celeste, the winged shape of Zeus himself, the children of Zeus although peace-loving have always been forced to live apart from humans, persecuted almost to extinction.

A priest, a member of the Army of Christ dedicated to ridding the world of such beings, recognizes the people on a nearby island as belonging to the tribe and instigates a massacre in which there are only three survivors, all children: Yöst, Zande, the son of the Black and destined to be the tribe’s next leader, and a small girl, Tatania, who insists on being called TaTa.


This is their story.

‘You recognised me after all this time?’


‘Oh, my dear boy, no one has eyes of that colour or brows that speak, except you.’ She lifted her face to the sky. ‘I prayed and prayed. Thank you, God, for answering.

Heading 6

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