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The Amazing Brain of O C Longbotham signed by author, Barbara Spencer
Finalist People's Book Prize
Bronze Medal Winner, The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Meet Philip James Longbotham. He’s twelve years old. His nickname is OC, and he possesses a most amazing brain. It might not go round corners but it’s a whiz at science and maths, and plays chess like a dream. It also has a nasty habit of seizing up at the wrong moment. Kitty says it only does that because it’s overloaded with maths equations.

      Kitty and Anna are OC’s sisters and they are the reason Mum wants to leave home.

      OC’s best friend is Charles Harris. He lives next door and goes around in an excessively speedy wheelchair. His nickname is the Cash, and his ambition is to become the world greatest villain and make a bankful of money. He’s not doing such a bad job of it either. While OC does maths and science homework for lazy kids, Cash has a nice sideline in forging sick notes and shop-lifting.


Cash is also pretty good at keeping OC out of trouble and Mrs Longbotham trusts him implicitly, which is rather a mistake. While she imagines the two boys are off on a school trip, OC is playing in a chess tournament and winning a cheque for a hundred pounds.

When bank robbers target the small bank where OC keeps his savings – over three hundred pounds – he’s not about to let them steal that.

      Look out – the bank robbers are in for a very nasty surprise.

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