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Special Offer of a Signed Copy


Signed copies of The Year the Swans Came @ £7 including P & P. 

The Amazing Brain of OC Longbotham


Legend of the Five Javean


Legend of the Five Javean is a thrilling tale of fantasy fiction that will appeal to children aged 9-12



A Boy. A Missing Computer Scientist. A Secret So Dangerous, it Must Stay Hidden from the World. 

A Fishy Tail


Micky is the youngest in the family and can’t do anything right.

A Serious Case of Chicken-itis


A delightful story for children ages 4 - 6

A Dangerous Game


First part of the Jack Burnside Trilogy - and introduces us to Bud, the bad-tempered, morose, gloomy but wonderful magical camel.

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The Year the Swans Came


Feared as cursed and birds of ill-fortune, when swans visit the city where best friends Maidy and Ruth live, they usher in love but also a web of lies and deceit.

Age and the Antique Side


Exhibiting a somewhat 'pithy’ sense of humour, Barbara shares short stories and anecdotes from her travels as well as her personal life. When questioned, as to why she had decided to take this step, she replied: “I’ve always been good at making children laugh and thought it time to have a go at the rest of the world. After all, a book that makes you laugh versus a pair of socks for Christmas? No contest.”

The Bird Children


A fantasy for children, aged 9 - 12, The Bird Children is the second of the Jack Burnside adventures

Time Breaking


Love and Time - The Best of Friends, the Bitterest of Enemies.



Lives Will Change ... Forever .

Turning Point


Styrus, a computer virus so powerful it can penetrate any computer and steal its secrets, has fallen into the hands of the wrong man



Scruffy is a funny, yet heart-rending, tale of an abandoned puppy. 

The Lions of Trafalgar


The Lions of Trafalgar is the long-awaited third outing for Jack Burnside



'A book that will break your heart and then restore your hope for humanity.'

Review from Francis Guenette  Read this book - you won't be sorry. It will make you believe once again in happy endings that glitter like gold as they sit in the dustbin of cold, hard reality. Such is life and some truths of life are best rendered in fiction. (March 29, 2016)

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